Parents Interacting With Infants/Toddlers Secessions Starting in May!

Attention Dakota County Families! Join us as we offer Parents Interacting with Infants/Toddlers secessions every Monday and Thursday throughout May and June.

Parent-child relationships are a critical foundation for early development (social and emotional development of infants and toddlers). These classes are aimed to help you learn how to enhance your relationship with your young child.

Parent(s) and child (infant to 3 years) will need to attend together. There will be planned activities and your child will also receive a free book.

Secessions will start May 7th. Take note of different times and locations below.

  • Thursdays in May and June: 6 p.m. South Sioux City Library (Meeting Room) – A free meal will be provided at 6 p.m. with secession beginning after meal.
    • For more information and/or register, please contact Abagail Engel at (402)-369-3138 for Thursday secessions
  • Mondays in May and June: 6 p.m. St. Paul United Methodist Church (Upstairs Classroom), South Sioux City – A free meal will be provided at 5:30 pm with secession beginning at 6 p.m. *Childcare will be provided for your other children.
    • For more information and/or register, please contact Elly Keller at (605)-553-5063 for Monday secessions

Sponsored by:

Dakota County Connections, SHIP, UNL Extension in Dakota County, Early Learning Connection Partnerships (ESU #1), South Sioux City Library, St. Paul United Methodist Church


Job Opening: Dakota County Connections Program Coordinator

Siouxland Human Investment Partnership (SHIP) is seeking a full-time Program Coordinator for the Dakota County Connections initiative!

Position: Dakota County Connections Program Coordinator

Purpose: Coordinate and facilitate the efforts of Dakota County Connections, a community collaborative in Dakota County, Nebraska.

To assist the Collaborative’s workgroups in meeting community and grant outcomes and deadlines and to address community issues and needs; to provide leadership to and work in partnership with the volunteer Board of Directors to carry out its vision.

Reports to: SHIP Executive Director, Dakota County Connections Board of Directors

Posting details: All applications must be emailed to kjenkins@siouxlandship.org by May 8, 2015. Applications received after this date will not be considered for the position.

Specific Job Duties:

  • Coordinate the monthly Dakota County Connections collaborative meetings, facilitate discussion and take minutes
  • Coordinate the Dakota County Connections Board Meetings
  • Coordinate and facilitate the workgroups and committees carrying out the work of the Collaborative; ensure that workgroups are meeting goals and objectives
  • Communicate with Dakota County leaders, businesses and legislative representatives about the importance of the mission and work of Dakota County Connections
  • Communicate with Nebraska Congressional leaders about the importance of the mission and work of Dakota County Connections and advocate for policy or legislative changes that could have a positive impact on the community
  • Communicate and coordinate with Nebraska Children and Families Foundation and other funding agencies
  • Ensure that all grant reports and related paperwork is completed in a timely manner, approved by the Board, and submitted to the funding agencies by deadline
  • Search for and complete grant applications for projects that fall under the mission and workplan of Dakota County Connections
  • Develop a marketing and public relations plan for DCC
  • Develop a fundraising goal for DCC
  • Ensure the Collaborative is continually seeking to involve and engage as many community stakeholders as possible and is staying visible in the community
  • Monitor and maintain multiple funding streams and budgets, and provide financial information to stakeholders

Personal Job Skills:

  • BA or BS Degree in Education, Early Childhood, Social Services or a related field of study and two years of experience in similar work responsibilities preferred
  • Committed to the ongoing development of a collective impact model and community collaborative
  • Good written and verbal skills with related experience in business writing and facilitation or negotiation
  • Public speaking skills
  • Self-motivated to take responsibility for the success of the collaborative
  • Demonstrated ability to organize and prioritize work responsibilities with limited supervision and/or structured guidance
  • Ability to delegate and to build collaboration
  • Experience in program and systems planning
  • Effective use of technology and computer skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good advocacy skills
  • Creative problem solver
  • Ability to form relationships and build partnerships with community members and stakeholders
  • Ability to provide visionary leadership
  • Ability to lead a successful fundraising effort
  • Grant administration experience and grant writing experience preferred

*This Agency shall affirmatively practice a policy of equal employment when filling any position. All persons shall have equal access to employment, limited only by their qualifications for, and ability to perform, the specifically required position duties and responsibilities.


Job Opening – Kid’s Cafe Director

Kid’s Café (KC) is an outreach program at St Paul’s United Methodist Church in South Sioux City with a mission of feeding hungry kids and their families. The program will be managed by a Kid’s Cafe Director who will report directly to the Kid’s Cafe oversight committee of St Paul UMC, and more specifically to the Kid’s Cafe Committee Liaison. The KC Director will be a paid position and will be managed in a similar manner as other paid staff positions at St Paul UMC.

Job Description includes, but is not limited to: Food Ordering/Inventory Management, Menu Planning, Preparation, & Service Execution.

  • Prepare a 6 week menu plan. Submit it to Food Bank for Heartland (FBH) following nutritional guidelines as required. This menu will be posted in the pantry.
  • Submit check list of groceries that FBH needs to ship monthly.
  • Adjust as necessary the 6 week menu plan based on pantry items available from FBH.
  • Coordinate the purchase of any additional groceries or serving items required to meet the week menu plan.
  • Coordinate meeting the truck, unloading & storage of items delivered by FBH.
  • Maintaining a cooking environment that meets State and Federal food safety requirements.
  • Maintain safe cooking environment, i.e., Know where extinguishers are located & have knowledge on how to operate them (includes range hood extinguisher) And instruct all kitchen volunteers to know the same.
    • Ensure adequate volunteer help is scheduled by Coordinating with the Volunteer Coordinator and the KC Committee Liaison.
    • Manage all volunteers; greeters, cooks, cleanup, security, etc. Manage number of volunteers & assign duties as required.
    • Manage contact with treasurer regarding any needed purchases and/or expenses.

Inventory Management

  • Maintain a running inventory report that will be shared with the KC committee on a weekly basis. The Inventory will be segregated into the major nutritional food groups such as fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.
  • Inventory will be updated every week noting items used & incoming inventory
  • Food inventory with expired dates will be thrown away not used
  • A 6 week list of non-food items needed will be given to the Church secretary so the Church can utilize our Church/Community relationships to secure those necessary items.
    • Any specific meat needs will be expressed to the KC Committee liaison who will assist in the acquisition of meat items.
    • At no times are more than an 8 week supply of any category of food products be collected and inventoried unless extenuating circumstances require such and the appropriate storage process is available to keep the product wholesome. Those circumstances will require pre-approval by the KC Committee.

Documentation/Record keeping

A weekly Report will be submitted to the KC Committee chairperson that will include:

  • The number of individuals fed
  • the number of volunteers used & what group they represent
  • any additional concerns or issues

Submit all documentation required by FBH in a timely fashion as required by the FBH.Duplicate copies of all to be given to the KC Committee monthly.


  • The Director will take Safe Sanctuaries online training and keep it updated as needed. Any associated expense will be reimbursed by the St Paul UMC.
  • All donations (monetary or foodstuffs) will be reported to the St Paul UMC Treasurer & the KC Committee Liaison.
  • The Director is not responsible for the solicitation of donations, either monetary or in kind, but may assist the KC Committee in those endeavors
  • The Director will attend regularly scheduled meetings with KC Committee.

Volunteer Coordinator

A volunteer Coordinator will be used to assist the Director in the coordination of volunteer workers for the KC program. This person will focus on the following:

  • Will coordinate with the Director a list outlining volunteer positions and their duties
  • Will work with the committee to develop a list of church and community volunteer groups
  • Will develop and manage a 52 week volunteer schedule calendar showing what community group is volunteering to ensure adequate help is available each week.
  • Is not responsible for the solicitation of donations, either monetary or in kind, but may assist the KC Committee in those endeavors.
  • The VC will report to the KC Committee Liaison through the Director’s reports.

If interested, contact:

Mike Klassen

Phone: (712) 251-4493

Email: mklasssen@eakes.com 


Al’s Caring Pals Program

Al’s Caring Pals Program will be in Dakota City, NE April 23rd, 28th, 30th and May 7th, 14th. These educational sessions will focus on strengthening in-home providers’ abilities to:

  • Teach and encourage use of feeling language and kind words
  • Value children’s individuality
  • Develop children’s creativity
  • Guide problem-solving

Secessions Registration Form: AL’s Pals <—–Click to Download

Registerstation Deadline: April 14th

Where: USDA Service Center 1505 Broadway, Dakota City, Nebraska

When: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Cost: $10 (Limited to 15 providers)

Featured Presenter: Ruth Vonderohe, Nebraska Extension Education in Knox County