Coordinated Care Manager

Coordinated Care Manager/Family Coach Position:

  1. We are looking for 3 different agencies that can meet with families and work together with them to identify the most effective and available supports and services in the area in order to address the family’s current needs and their future goals.

  2. Care management is a key component to Community Response. This is the agency that goes out to the family and builds that key relationships and helps them make a “Family Plan” based on the family’s needs. This is an opportunity for an agency to come in and offer/find supports for families before they are in crisis.

  3. This position will work closely with the Community Response Central Navigator in responding to family needs. Information and forms will need to be shared between them.

  4. The Coordinated Care Manager/Family Coach should be able to respond to a family within 24 hours of being contacted about a family in need.

  5. The three agencies will rotate responding to calls. The Central Navigator will call the agencies.

Expectations of Coordinated Care Management/Family Coach

The Coordinated Care Manager will provide monthly statements, on their letterhead, detailing the number of clients and units of hours served. The rate of pay for this position is $50.00 per hour

  1. Utilize the CR forms and tools with the family to identify risks, needs, and determine and achieve desired goals.
  2. Use an array of approaches, skills, evidence based practices and community resources to assist family in reaching and sustaining the protective factors.

  3. Connect a family to other resources that address increasing protective factors to allow for sustainability

  4. Provide stabilization supports to families and care managed support for homeless or near homeless families to support families in transition to affordable permanent supportive housing.

  5. Provide financial case management support and skills to stabilize economic life.

If you are interested in the Coordinated Care Management Positon Please email the name of your agency and why you think you would be a good fit to: (We will be looking for 3 agencies to provide these services and sign an MOU with)

JoAnn Gieselman
DCC Coordinator
Dakota County Connections

Office: 712-222-6383
Cell#: 712-223-9614
Fax: 712-222-6216

Agency Name_________

Our agency would be a good match for this position because_______________

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